Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions are important in regarding use of “GetSupportlink.com” website and IT Service. You should read all the points carefully before using the service. It contains all the important information regarding how long you can avail the service, what are the limitation or how termination can take place.

Service Offered

We offer service only related to software part like operating system, third party software etc. We are only responsible for the issue on which we worked. Any separate issue occurred on the device is not our responsibility and will be treated as a different issue and refund cannot be initiated on that basis.

Hardware Issue

In case of any hardware fault, we may diagnose and advice you about further step, you need to arrange an extra hardware such as backup hard drive should be there if we need to create a backup on external hardware device. We do not repair or replace any hardware.

Any issue with the hardware part of the device should be handled by the manufacturer or you should contact manufacturer of the hardware in case of faulty or damaged.


Once you are satisfied and sign the document of payment participation. You should contact us for any issue related to billing and payments.

Recurring Payment                                                                

Getsupportlink.com do not set billing to auto renewal, we may contact you for renewal or ask to upgrade your plan before one month of your plan expiration.

Suspension or Termination

Your account with Get support link may get terminated, if we found that multiple computer are being serviced under one subscription.

Third Party Service

You may need to contact your third party service provider in case it is required, such as ISP on, no internet situation or any other third party software or subscription which needs your confirmation.

If in case you have any confusion or you are not clear on any point, you can always contact us on email info@getsupportlink.com or call our toll-free number listed on the home page of the website.