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Getsupportlink – Refund Policy


We care most concern about the support and service purchased by our customers online.

We are dedicatedly focused on the quality of work and 100% satisfaction of our customers. But still at times results are not proper, so we provide a refund policy to our customers so that, they can have good faith and experience with us.


When you can get a full refund


For Incident Plan: If we are unable to provide any solution for your problem or if the problem is out of our scope or not solved at your satisfaction level, you can contact us and ask for a full refund.


Subscription-Based Refund Eligibility


You can ask for a full refund if none of your issues were fixed within 7 days after your subscription date.

 If any or multiple issues are fixed by our technician and still you are not satisfied with the service or you do not like it. You can still cancel it, In that case, you will be provided a partial refund after deducting the minimum incident charge.


Note: If multiple issues are resolved and subscription is older than 30 days. You will not be eligible for full refund.


As we try our best to satisfy our customer, you can always contact us in case of any disconnect.