Privacy Policy

privacy policy

Getsupportlink – Privacy Policy


We Get support link are committed with a non-disclosure agreement to keep the information completely private.

We only use personal information to identify and verify the correct holder of his/her account for the security.


What type of information do we collect?


We may collect certain personal information about the user who visits our site like, Name, Email address or phone number or address.

We may also collect the information about your location or IP address

This information is necessary to know the visitor and for doing legitimate business.


What information we collect


We may collect the information of the time you spent on our website.

  • Your IP Address and time zone.
  • Your Operating system and browser
  • Pages you’re visited on our website
  • The number of times you visited our website.


Information about Children


Getsupportlink is completely secure and fine for children and contains no such content which is not suitable for children.

Therefore, we do not recommend or do not provide service to children who are below 18.

If in case they are in need of service, we recommend them to ask any adult to communicate on their behalf to avail service.


Use of personal information collected


  • To verify the correct individual or service holder.
  • Providing support to correct customers.
  • Contacting the customer for support
  • For collecting survey for enhancement of the service


Keeping your personal information safe and secure

We collect information through a secure channel that is completely secure on the secure socket layer.

As there is no paperwork on hard copy so all the information is stored on our server which is completely secure and has no access to any third party.

All the information is locked and encrypted in a server and cannot be seen even by our employees.

Therefore, we ask every employee to sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect your information which is abiding by the law.


How long we keep this information?

We keep this information as long it is required. It is used every time we provide you with support, so it is necessary to keep to verify the correct account holder with us.


How can you contact us?

You can contact us via phone or email. You can dial our toll-free number to contact us or you can email us on